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Accessibility, Affordability, and Customer Experience. The three key factors affecting the air travel market…

Travellers are at the mercy of scheduled airlines: restrained by budget and routes offered, relying on commercial airlines’ schedules, and subjected to airport security procedures and gate allocations. Waves has taken the standard aviation model, dissected it, and created an air taxi service that will operate very differently to eliminate these pain points.

47% of people identify budget constraints as the main barrier to flying overall

Other circumstantial reasons including flying not being an option for their trip(28%)

Experience of security check in severly impacts customer satisfation at airports


The convenience of private chartered air travel has until now been quite simply unaffordable for the vast majority of the population.

£1.0 M

Private Jet Ownership


Jet Smarter 


Air Charter Average


Average European 1st Class Flight


Point to point on-demand air taxi is the future of travel in our increasingly global economy and existence

Waves technology is setting out to change aviation forever. We have created a customer centric platform that provides the air taxi service that the customer wants and deserves, removing the frustrations of traditional air travel, and the cost barrier of private jets.

Our fleet is economical, and our technology and UX is simple and secure. Most importantly, the technology can be licensed by airlines and air travel stakeholders to improve aviation across the board.


The Front End

Designed for simplicity

Designed for simplicity and rendered on desktop, iOS and Android.

Booking Engine Dynamic

Simple 3-step booking process

Passengers can travel in as little as one hour from booking.

Robust KYC Security

Know Your Client

Security - our proprietary security screening technology securely shares all the data relevant agencies need to know about a passenger before they travel, giving the customer a stress-free journey.

First Class Service


First Class End-to-End Service - from booking to arriving at their destination.

Current Investors in Waves

We have built an active network of industry specialists and 50+ angel investors with decades of experience ranging from tier 1 automotive production and composite technologies to online marketing, legal and finance.

"Waves will make a huge difference"

- Elaine Gray
Carey Olsen

..” Revolutionary ..”

- Martyn Dorey
Guernsey Chamber of Commerce

“ A compelling opportunity as well as a scalable model I was proud to invest”.

- David Meek.
Ex MD JP Morgan EMEA

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