Waves FAQs

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About Waves

Who are Waves?

In short, Waves (Waves Technologies Ltd) is an exciting new flying taxi service that uses advanced technology and a completely fresh approach to inter-island travel. Like most Channel Islanders, the founders of Waves were frustrated by the lack of choice and flexibility available for travel between the islands. They quickly recognised there was as gap in the market and an existing demand to operate a new air taxi service. The next steps were to bring together an experienced team of aviation, tech and commercial experts in January 2017 to solve the problem.

Where is Waves based?

Waves HQ, which houses our admin and customer services team sits proudly in the heart of St Peter Port, Guernsey in Picquet House, South Esplanade – right where the idea was first imagined. We also have ground crew teams on hand at both Guernsey and Jersey airports so are always around to assist our passengers. Why not stop by and say hello!

How many employees does Waves have?

Waves is growing all the time and as of September 2017, we have 30 team members in Guernsey, Jersey and the UK mainland. As a Channel Islands company, we’re really committed to using local suppliers including accountants, lawyers and marketing specialists wherever we can.

What is our relationship with other airlines?

Waves is a totally independent new company and is not connected to or affiliated with any other airline.

The service

How does an air taxi work?

An air taxi service is almost exactly what you imagine it to be; a flight you can book to a destination and at a time to suit you, just like you might do with your smart-phone if you wanted to hail a taxi.

We’re all about getting you around more efficiently than the other services currently on offer, which means that your flight is operated to fit your timetable – not ours! You’ll notice that we don't operate to any schedule, leaving you free to choose when and where to fly (subject to aircraft availability). It’s a bit like chartering a jet, but actually affordable.

Waves is known as an on-demand, technology-led service. What does this mean?

'On-demand' means we want our passengers to be able to book a journey wherever they want, for whenever they want, and 'technology-led' means that we use modern tools and platforms to make the process as simple as possible for our users.

How is Waves an improved choice over scheduled services?

The main issues for most regular travellers is that they are limited by the fixed timetables, variable pricing, and lengthy check in times imposed when using one of the scheduled carriers. Waves will offer passengers the total flexibility to travel when and where they want. We feel that the passenger experience is at the very centre of what we do, which should provide a welcome change from the usual practice of fitting in with airline requirements.

We also don’t operate out of the standard airport terminals so you avoid the crowds and lengthy queues, and because of our advanced screening technology and efficient aircraft, we also save you time on check in.

As your bespoke air taxi service, which is sustainably affordable, we think you’ll soon find Waves your preferred carrier.

Will a Waves inter-island flight take less time than a scheduled service?

Absolutely! Say goodbye to time wasted on long check-ins, or bookings lost on overbooked flights; our flights will be much more efficient. We cut out time spent loading large volumes of luggage, alongside lengthy passenger movement processes. Waves offers an experience like private flying, at an affordable price point for regular travel.

Has a demand-led air taxi system been successful in other areas?

When most people think of chartering an air taxi on demand, they usually imagine the expensive and luxurious world of private jets only accessible by the privileged few. Instead,we’re pioneering a revolutionary new way to fly which will change the way passengers think about booking a flight. We’re sure that once you try it, you'll enjoy the affordable freedom our service gives you as a traveller.

Why are the Channel Islands a great place to launch?

Over the years, many islanders have stopped travelling inter-island simply because existing services have not met their needs. We saw this gap in the market, which was a perfect fit for an all-purpose air taxi service providing flexibility and freedom for the local community. We know that the CI community is incredibly supportive and proud of the service we are offering.

Where does Waves fly?

For now, we are just serving the Channel Islands with services between Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney. Once more established in 2018, we aim to expand our operation into northern France and the southern UK mainland, before looking at destinations further afield. Please call us for a chat with any specific enquiries; our team is always happy to discuss options!

How many people can Waves carry?

Ranging between 7-9 passengers per flight, plus luggage and freight depending on aircraft, specific airfield limitations and other factors.


What is the price to hire the aircraft?

The entire aircraft hire price depends on the destination. Our current hire prices (as of January 2018) are listed below. We have no ‘hidden extras’ for luggage or seat allocation so the costs won’t creep up as you navigate through your booking. Single seat sales are currently available between Guernsey and Jersey.

Guernsey Jersey



  • 9 Passenger Capacity


Jersey Alderney


  • 7 Passenger Capacity


Alderney Guernsey


  • 7 Passenger Capacity


Pilots & Crew

How many pilots do Waves employ?

We have a team of experienced, locally based pilots on rotation dedicated to each aircraft. All aircraft are flown by two fully trained pilots looking after your safety. As our fleet expands, we will be looking for more high quality crew to join our team.

If you think you might be interested in flying for Waves – even if you don’t have your license yet, please email academy@flywaves.gg to express your interest and get all the details.

How will Waves train them for flying in the islands?

Our pilots will complete a very thorough training programme and as part of our long-term commitment to our home islands, we will be launching the Waves Academy in 2018, offering islanders the exciting opportunity to train with us and become first officers!

Will there be cabin crew on board?

As inter-island flight times are so short, there is no time for in-flight service. The captain and first officer undertake the safety briefing, and are fully trained to deal with any eventualities.


Why does Waves use the Cessna Grand Caravan?

The Cessna Grand Caravan is a popular aircraft trusted around the globe with over 2500 operating worldwide. It comes with an exceptional safety record and is particularly well suited to the inter-island flying environment being the ultimate utility vehicle ideal for short hops.

The aircraft out-performs all other single-engine utility turboprops. It is the preferred aircraft with regional carriers, charter businesses and special operations worldwide so for the team at Waves, it was the perfect choice for the Channel Islands.

Will Waves consider other aircraft when expanding their fleet?

Yes, we will always look at the most appropriate aircraft for the mission and we do have our sights set on twin turbine aircraft such as the King Air for future operations, however, these aircraft are better suited to longer range operations.


Is Waves regulated in the same way as larger airlines?

Yes, we have an Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) which has been granted by the Channel Islands aircraft registry, ‘2-Reg’ and we are regulated in exactly the same way as a commercial airline.

Can Waves fly in fog?

We'll be affected by fog as much as any carrier. However, our technology allows us to update passengers regularly - so, you can stay at home, in the office or have a bit more time on your holiday rather than waiting around at the airport. As we don’t use the main passenger terminals, we can be more responsive and take advantage of any breaks in the weather to get up and away.

Will Waves fly with a single pilot?

Legally, it is possible to fly a Cessna Caravan with one pilot providing there are no more than nine passengers – and this is common practice across the world. However, we’ve decided that all our flights will be crewed by two pilots, to give our passengers an extra level of safety and service.

Is Waves subject to the same maintenance checks as larger airlines?

Yes. We're using new aircraft with the very latest remote monitoring systems. After every flight, data is sent to the manufacturer so they can monitor the aircraft and highlight maintenance in advance of it being required. We’re ahead of the curve on this one, and maintenance will never be overdue.


How does Waves undertake security checks?

Waves adopts a KYC (Know Your Client) approach to security checks to positively identify our passengers prior to departure. This process is completed in advance and allows fast, efficient check in. Please don’t forget to bring your Photo ID with you when you travel as we won’t be able to board you without it.


What is the best way to book a Waves flight?

Prior to the launch of our online booking system, flying requests can be made via the ‘Flight Request’ form on our website (see Contact Us section); or by calling our friendly customer service team on 01481 729 959.

Can I go to a ticket desk somewhere and make a booking?

We would love to welcome you to Waves HQ for any bookings and enquiries you’d like to make in person. You’ll find us at Picquet House, South Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey.

How far ahead can I book?

You can book flights up to 12 months in advance.

Does Waves favour large companies over private individuals?

Not at all – our service is for everyone! We have great demand from the business community and will meet that need by providing corporate accounts with payment options on a monthly basis. We’ve also received heavy demand from private individuals, sports groups and day-trippers, so we will have a great group of flying fans!

Can I change my booking online?

Unfortunately you can’t change bookings online at the moment but you may make changes by emailing hello@flywaves.gg or by calling our friendly customer service team on +44 (0)808 164 8969.

Will Waves charge me to change a booking?

No, there is no charge to change your booking - remember, we don’t like hidden costs!

Can I get a refund if I cancel my flight?

If you need you cancel your flight up until 7 days prior to departure, we are able to offer a service to transfer your booking to another date/time at no additional cost or a full refund. For cancellations within 7 days of your departure date, please refer to our terms and conditions.


How can I pay for my flight?

Your booking will require credit or debit card payment. We accept Visa debit, MasterCard debit, Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. We also offer a 30-day account for approved company accounts.

Will Waves charge extra for using a credit card?

No – There are no hidden extras with us!

Will I pay airport charges?

Airport fees will be included in the quoted ticket price. There are no hidden extras with us!

Will I get a ‘proof of booking’, ticket or receipt?

Once you have completed your booking details and payment, you will receive an invoice confirmation outlining the details of your flight.


How much baggage can I take?

The aircraft loading and performance calculations are based on it carrying 180kg worth of hold baggage, which equates to 20kg per person based on a travelling group of 9 passengers.

Can I take extra baggage?

Yes, but we will need to be advised of your requests at the time of booking to ensure there is sufficient space. With prior notification, children's prams/buggies and car seats can be carried at no cost in addition to your luggage allowance.

How long will I have to wait to get my luggage?

A matter of seconds...it will be available as soon you disembark the aircraft.

Can I take sports equipment? If so, what?

We will be able to carry sporting equipment. If you require hold luggage and sports equipment that collectively weigh more than 20kg, please email hello@flywaves.gg or call our friendly customer service team on +44 (0)808 164 8969.

If I am connecting to another flight can I check my baggage all the way?

This service is not available to Waves passengers unfortunately as we do not use the regular passenger terminals.

Customer Service

When are the Waves customer service team available?

Our customer service telephone hours are between 9am and 5pm, Monday - Friday. If you need to get hold of us outside these hours, please contact us online via Contact Us or hello@flywaves.gg or our social media channels - we always watch these! Actual flying requests can be made through the online ‘Flight Request’ form on our website.

How will Waves communicate if there is a delay or cancellation?

We will contact you via a text message, or call you if necessary. We will keep you updated right up until the time you fly.

If a passenger is running late will Waves be able to wait?

Whilst we try our best to always accommodate our customers (we are a flexible service after all), we are unable to guarantee that the aircraft can be held.

Will I need a boarding pass?

No - all you need to travel is your photo ID.

Check-in & boarding

Where do I go to check-in and board the Waves aircraft?

Guernsey passengers check in at ASG reception, La Planque Lane, Forest, GY8 0DS.

Jersey passengers check in at Gama Aviation, L’Avenue de la Commune, St Peter, Jersey JE3 7BY.

How long is check-in?

Our minimum check-in time is just 15 minutes with hand luggage only! If you have hold luggage we ask you to please allow an extra 10 minutes for check in.

If you have not completed the initial security process online prior to your flight, you will need to complete this with Waves staff before departure and you will be notified of the additional time required when your flight is confirmed.

Please remember that the initial security process only needs to be completed once as a first time traveller with Waves – from then on, you journey time will be even quicker!

Will I need ID to travel?

Yes, you will need photo ID to travel – a passport or driver’s licence

Will I go through security before boarding?

You will need to have completed an online security process prior to your first flight with Waves.

Where is the car-parking for Waves customers?

Travelling from Guernsey, parking is available in the main airport terminal car park.

Taxis and any cars dropping off Waves passengers can do so at the ASG reception area off La Planque Lane.

Jersey: limited car parking is available at Gama Aviation for Waves passengers. Taxi drop off is at Gama Aviation, L'Avenue de la Commune. Unfortunately, overnight parking is not currently available at Gama. Please call us for further information on parking at Jersey.

Is there allocated seating?

There is not an allocated seating system, but some smaller children will be asked to sit in specific seats. Occasionally, for aircraft performance reasons, the pilots may require passengers to sit in certain rows in order to balance the weight distribution. Please do not be offended by any such requests, it will be for your safety.


Are children allowed to fly?

Children aged two years and over (and weighing more than 35lbs/15.8kg) can fly with Waves.

What rules apply to children under two years?

Currently Waves cannot fly with infants under two years at the moment, but don’t worry, this is set to change in 2018.


Do you allow cats and dogs to travel?

During 2018, we hope to announce that cats and dogs will be allowed to travel in secure pet carriers on certain services but we will need to be notified at the time of booking.

Do you allow visually impaired passengers with a guide dog?

Like our policy for travelling cats and dogs, we hope to soon announce that guide dogs will be allowed to travel but we will need to be notified at the time of booking.

Corporate bookings

Do you offer corporate packages?

We offer credit accounts to corporate customers who meet our credit check criteria. Payment terms are 14 days after the end of month of booking.

As a corporate customer, who do I contact at Waves for assistance?

For anything related to corporate payment accounts, please email accounts@flywaves.gg. For anything else please email hello@flywaves.gg.

Special requirements

Can you transport people in wheelchairs?

Unfortunately in our early stages of operation, we are unable to transport people in wheelchairs but we are working to provide a solution in the very near future.

Can you provide special assistance to people with disabilities?

Yes, depending on the assistance required. We will need to be notified in advance but please feel welcome to call our team to talk through our options; we’d love to help make your flying experience as smooth as possible.